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Intel Launches Eye 9 Processor for Mobile and Laptops, Learn What’s Special

Intel has launched the first Core I 9 processor. The company has launched it for mobile and laptop. The company has claimed that it is the fastest and eye-catching laptop processor ever.

At an event in Beijing, Intel launched its new flagship core i9-8950HK laptop processor. One of the processor’s features is its dual working mode. As an example, this is the best single core processor for gaming, whose frame-rate has been increased compared to the old processor. That’s the best multi-core processor for a huge app.

Core i9-8950HK processor has been given Hyper-Threading with 6 cores which includes 12 threads. The ‘cache’ memory of 12 MB is also given in the processor. Core i9-8950HK processor has a base clock speed of 2.9GHz. It has a 4.8GHz single core turbo boost speed.

Intel has also introduced its presence in a new feature. The name of this feature is ‘Thermal Velocity Boost’. This feature enhances the clock speed of the CPU (Then when the thermal and power condition is appropriate, it is similar to an automatic XFR feature, which has been given AMD Ryzen processor.

Intel told in a demo how its 6 cores and 12 threads work during gaming and live to stream. Core i9-8950HK processor has brought Artificial Intelligence to a new level, where now users will get the better experience in real time.

According to Intel, 41% better game experience will be found in Core i9-8950HK processor compared to Core i7-7820HK processor. While 59 percent sharper 4K video editing can happen.

Intel’s new processor has stuck to the eyes of users. If Intel’s claims are considered right then you will get the better experience in designing, gaming, and other big apps. However, there is no information about the price of this processor in the Indian market.

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