Iphone 11 is coming soon | Release Date, Price and also leak news


You all know about iPhone X are grow in the world and it has something is so good but now iPhone 11 are coming with lot’s of new features and its best of Apple company product list and now talk about iPhone 11 news.

Iphone 11 first look

Image Source By TechRadar

iPhone 11 Release Date

Apple is working on his latest iPhone 11 that come  in last of 2018, September month an I Think this smartphone is better from iPhone X where some feature is on the beta that shows us for next Apple iPhone, That gone leak some screenshot let’s see them but firstly

see a comparison of them in here

iPhone 11 poster

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iPhone 11 Price

iPhone 11 will come to the estimated price is 999 dollars and its price is not accurate this will be estimated value and original price will come on some time later.

iPhone 11 Leak pictures 

iPhone 11 body

This pic will show you how iPhone looks on the body and back side you can see triple camera space this means its will dual camera and one flash space for dual camera

iPhone 11 glass

This image you can see iPhone 11  glass screen that can use in next iPhone mobile.

iPhone screen

The screen will use on next iPhone is here you can see how much size of the screen.

iPhone Screen size

You can see how much wide screen of iPhone screen and we have three type of screen size

are 5.8, 6.1, 6.5 screen is here we will hope that the screen is shown in the pictures with show of screen you can see

iPhone 11 Body Pictures

iPhone 11 Body

This will body of iPhone 11 and you can watch screen and body better than iPhone 10 body what biggest question is How much time to get released, and How much time to come in India, and which price will come on India, we Indian users always on that every iPhone will be higher rate of 1 Lakh that super high for us. and Its feature are so best.



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